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At the top of the stairs, tucked under the eaves, is our latest, spacious (26m²) bedroom with a lovely view to distant mountains. 

A rooftop deck leads into a beautiful room furnished with carefully chosen pieces, a small kitchenette for tea or coffee making, an en-suite shower room (3m²) and a dressing area with a second basin. 


The extra-long double bed is made up with top quality sheets and pillows and your rest is assured as you snuggle down under a pure cotton or wool duvet and pure cotton sheets.  Linen blinds and mohair rugs complete the picture.

The room is warmed in winter with wall panel heaters and cooled in summer with an evaporative cooler.

There are two pools to choose from: one, a swimming pool, the other a dip or splash pool. 

A wall safe for your valuables as well as off-road parking is provided.




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